About Ho’omau Ke Ola

Who We Are

A Treatment & Recovery Program Based on Hawaii’s Own Cultural and Spiritual Values

Research and data tell us that meaningful rehabilitation must include a total and complete change of one’s life, lifestyle, and values. Ho`omau Ke Ola believes that in Hawaii, such change is much more likely to occur in a learning environment that is based on cultural and spiritual values from Hawaii`s rich past. Mo`olelo, or storytelling of some Hawaii`s legends and history, can engage those who have been reluctant to share their own history and pain. This forum gives opportunity for healing. Hula, another form of storytelling and expression offers similar opportunities for discovery and healing. Malama Aina, caring and nurturing the land, allows one to engage in and experience what a reciprocal and sustainable relationship offers. Ho`omau Ke Ola also believes in the strength and support that can be found in a peer or ohana group. Social engagement with, assumption or responsibilities within, as well as caring and sharing for the ohana group helps one surrender self – will and find meaning and value in a greater good. It is Ho`omau Ke Ola’s belief that by integrating, Hawaii`s best practices with behavioral health best practices and 12-step recovery concepts, a consumer’s attempts at life in recovery are enhanced and increased

Cultural Healing (History)

The LO`I: it surrounds the KALO.  Water flows through this LO`I of life, keeping the KALO healthy and nourished. The KALO grows reaching for the light of the sun.  The cool breezes blow under and around it’s leaves. The KALO stands tall: I KU MAU MAU. This reminds us that as the KALO lives so do the KANAKA MAOLI live! The KALO thrives in this LO`I of life growing and growing.

The KALO represents our people.  Some of our people are going through circumstances in life that they are unable to control. Some of us choose to try and find light from other sources. These sources may have negative consequences like poor health, destructive behaviours, family problems, legal issues, incarceration, and death.

Ho‘omau Ke Ola stands “for Perpetuating Life As It Was Meant To Be”. Like Pu`uhonua, the city of refuge, the residential facility provides people a safe place where they can find peace, away from WARS of life.

Like the KALO, Man’s KULEANA is MALAMA AINA. The leaves of KALO can become diseased, spots of decay appear, just as signs of decay and hardship appear on the person caught in the disease of alcohol and drug addiction. The KALO is healed by trimming away one leaf at a time, just as the addict is healed by trimming away the negative aspects of their lives one at a time through the practice of HO`OPONOPONO. When the corm, the body of the KALO, is rotting in the LO`I, it needs to be cut away from the HAHA, the base of the leaves, and relocated to another LO`I. The addict needs to be cut away from their old life and habits and relocated into another growth setting.

The new LO`I is seeped in a foundation of CULTURAL SPIRITUALITY. Culture teaches that if we respect our KUPUNA, if we listen twice as much as we talk (two ears, one mouth), if we learn to Work with our hands, if we MALAMA AINA and care for the Land, the Seas, and the Air, then we shall LIVE.

The KALO that grows during a lifetime of abuse and neglect by people, places and life style choices shows the affects of the disease created by alcohol and drug abuse.  We can replant this KALO in the shade of recovery, replant it so that it can heal from the affects of alcohol and drug abuse, replant it so that it can live, grow, and thrive again, replant it into the LO`I of life to live as it is meant to.

HE HAWAI`I AU! I am Hawaiian! I am of Hawai’i!


My Counselor, I’m just writing to you to tell you how grateful and thankful I am that you were part of my recovery. Through our ups and downs you honestly opened my eyes of what life has to offer and from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Even when I leave this place and walk out the gate you will always have a place in my heart. The life lessons that you taught me is “priceless” in my book. I waited into this program broken and now I feel a sense of hope and a brighter future ahead for not only me but for my family also. I can’t even begin to imagine what or where I would be at this very moment if it wasn’t for you and Ho`omau Ke Ola. I feel like I owe my life to this program, and like you always say its not because of the money you do this its because of the position you have for it. So I guess you was right cause I’m a living proof of you hard work and thank you again.

— Anonymous